102 Years of Business at International level

Alf Mizzi & Sons signifies 102 years of history, tradition and experience. The company, founded in Malta in 1915, was initially a family business which later developed and expanded its portfolio of investments in areas such as: importing of goods, telecommunications, electronics and real estate development. Today, the company operates at an international level, with investments in countries such as Belgium, Netherlands, Romania, Croatia, Lybia and Egypt. In Romania, Alf Mizzi & Sons is successfully represented by Zacaria.

13 Years of Business in Romania
Zacaria started its activity in Sibiu, in 2005, expanding its investments gradually throughout the country. Today, the company has real estate projects in Sibiu, Bucharest, Oradea, Alba Iulia, Arad and Craiova. Though in the beginning, the company’s main activity was concentrated on residential projects, from 2009, Zacaria invests in the industrial real estate sector, by building and managing a portfolio of more than 10 industrial parks and office buildings. The company's headquarters are in Zacaria Business Center, Stefan cel Mare 193, Sibiu.