ASOLO shoes relocates to Zacaria’s Network Industrial Park - Sibiu

Everybody knows that you need good quality shoes to enjoy outdoor adventure and ASOLO are the best! Everybody also knows that the best work with the best. So, when it came time for ASOLO, the Italian footwear manufacturer, to expand and improve their manufacturing facility they naturally turned to Zacaria for a solution. With a high degree of professionalism on both sides, an agreement was soon reached and in January 2021 ASOLO will move into their new state of the art 3,600m2 manufacturing facility.

After operating for more than 20 years in the same facility, on the outskirts of Sibiu, the move and the choice of industrial park partner was an important decision for ASOLO. It became quickly apparent to ASOLO that the modern class “A” building at Network Industrial Park and Zacaria as a business partner was the correct choice.

“I chose Zacaria and this location after 2 years of intensive research. What made us finally close the deal was the building layout, the high quality of the system in terms of safety and the transportation infrastructure in the area, which will be of great benefit for our employees”, explained Marco Zanatta, president of ASOLO.

1zSpatiu Network echipa Asolo

Located in the East industrial zone of Sibiu, Network Industrial Park offers seamless connectivity to the city centre, the West Industrial Zone and the international airport, and has direct access to the A1 Highway. The new Asolo facility comprises of more than 300m2 of office space and 3.300m2 of production plant and warehousing, which is being customized to the client’s specifications and needs. Zacaria will deliver the facility to ASOLO at the beginning of 2021 when production will immediately begin. “The collaboration with Zacaria is great, they are a fantastic team of young and energetic people, fast to react to all my requests”, added Marco Zanatta.

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“We, at Zacaria, understand that every company needs the right workspace and environment to do great business and we feel it is our obligation to our clients to make sure we deliver what they expect and to assist and guide them throughout the process of decision making, layout, efficiencies and much more. We are very excited about our collaboration with Asolo, as many of us have been loyal customers of their products for years. It is therefore a great honor for Zacaria to have them as clients and business partners”, said Marius Moga, Sales and Marketing director at Zacaria.

Some might think these are challenging times and caution seems to be the keyword when talking about long-term investments, however like many others ASOLO remains optimistic about the future. “I’m confident that sunny days will come back soon. This is the moment we must react and invest for the future. We are a global company operating worldwide, and we operate as our slogan suggests “never stop”. This is the reason why I, and my family, decided to invest in a new modern production facility. This will give us the possibility to increase productivity and the quality of our products, as we are also studying a new revolutionary production layout. Furthermore, this investment will improve employee loyalty – they are our most important asset”, explained the representative of Asolo.

“We are more than excited about this partnership with Asolo as it embellishes our portfolio and is in line with our long-term goals. As a company, we have had a great impact in reshaping the local industrial landscape, the decisions we have taken over the years have proven that the path we chose is the right one as we continue to sign up high profile clients in our new and modern industrial parks,”, explained Jonathan Diamantino, CEO of Zacaria.

Network Industrial Park, which comprises of two industrial buildings with a total area of 41,000 square meters, currently houses seven clients, mainly production, transport and logistics companies. With the arrival of Asolo, only two modules remain available in the park, each of approximately 2,000m2.

1zNetwork Industrial Park

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