Children of Zacaria

It sometimes happens to forget that behind a company stand real people, that pump ideas and soul into it like gasoline into an engine, that devote hours and spend thoughts so that company gets better day by day. And, many times it happens to forget that each of those people is unique in his own way, with their own conscience and values, with small pleasures and defects, with dreams and desires, with a story behind and many ambitions for tomorrow.

Sometimes, even ourselves, speeding to build, to live, to always move forward and straight, we forget to stop and remember the child within us, remember why we are who we are.

Thus, we decided to dedicate this month of June to them, to show you the ones that together make Zacaria, the way they are today. Engineers, accountants, managers and so on. And to tell you the way they remember they were, what they hoped and dreamed long ago.

Even if not all their dreams remained in the original form, we believe that, afterall, the former child is happy today with the man that grew from within.

*We would like to mention that we did not forget our colleagues from other cities who could not participate in this small photographic project, in this rainy month of May, for the simple reason that there are no more @RareșHelici that we can send across the country. But we promise that, at the first opportunity to get together in Sibiu, we will pay our dues to Adrian Albinaru, Cristian Tomus, Cristina Graure, Andrei Sorete, Bogdan Ureche, Ionut Dima & Ana Niculita.


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