A "SKA-ndal" occurred at Zacaria

We have always been open to hosting various events in our industrial parks, whether it was a parking lot for car racing enthusiasts or a rave party in one of the available warehouses. But this year, being a special one, we thought it was time to make it official. Yes, we like "happenings". We like to get out of our offices and meet people, learn new things, “steal” ideas and enjoy new experiences. So, officially, we decided to open our warehouses towards the community.

And the first event of 2020 was in May: Suburbia 11 needed a space where it could turn up the volume, we had a unit available in Network Industrial Park. A match made in Heaven. And it was all worth seeing it, how a cold and empty industrial space transforms under the warmth and the energy flowing from the stage and the enthusiasm of those who watched the show from home, because SKA-ndal was a concert without audience, broadcasted live on the internet.

And because we liked it, we welcome the community and especially the event organizers to come visit us, if they ever need a happening.


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