Together we can do so much more

Unfortunately, no one has the miraculous power to erase the last few months so that, one spring morning, we could discover that everything has returned to normal, as if nothing had happened. Instead, each of us has the power to bring a little change around him and little by little it becomes a lot, especially in such a united community as in Sibiu.

Zacaria CTA

With all these in mind, we decided that, in addition to financing causes, we could offer free of charge, for those involved in the management of the current state of emergency, a part of our available industrial spaces. These can be used both by NGOs and local authorities for storing food, raw or medical materials or for the manufacturing of protection equipment. We have already invited our traditional non-governmental partners to access, according to their needs, these spaces located in our industrial parks from Sibiu and Alba Iulia.

Support for companies affected by the crisis

In addition to the medical crisis and the social effects that result from it, this pandemic is also felt acutely by the business environment, where certain sectors have experienced major mutations and others have reached their survival limit. In all this equation, the most difficult part to deal with is the uncertainty about the trajectory that the national economy will follow in the next period and at the end of the pandemic.

In this context full of unknowns, we believe that it is important to support our clients and partners with flexible and convenient solutions. So we offer, for the first time, the possibility of short-term renting our industrial spaces suitable for storage, logistics and so on. The available units are located in Sibiu, Craiova and Alba Iulia and can be delivered immediately to companies that require to expand or temporarily move their business.

“The way we act now will be defining for the way Romania will recover once things return to normal. It is time to make difficult financial decisions, that in return will bring long-term benefits to the communities in which we operate. We need to show that those internal values are more than just written words and each of us must act according to the resources we have available,” said Jonathan S. Diamantino, CEO Zacaria.

Zacaria was among the first companies in Sibiu to join the campaign “A hospital, a community”, started by the Sibiu Community Foundation, for the purchase of COVID-19 diagnostic tests and equipment for the intensive care section of the Sibiu County Hospital.


Interested NGOs and institutions can contact 0729.884.425 – Marius Moga, Deputy Sales & Marketing Manager.
Companies that need a quote are asked to contact the sales department – 0739.417.284 – Florin Oprea, Head of Industrial Sales.

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