Building for tomorrow

Yesterday was all about planting seeds - seeds of curiosity and wonder, that will grow strong and fill our world with possibility. 6-year-olds interested in learning about robots, engineering, electronics or mechanics made us believe that our tomorrow will surely be brighter than today.

In short, we took a field trip with 15 preschoolers from Montessori Kindergarten to Network Industrial Park, where we visited our client Kuka, made friends with robots and learned about assembly line jigs. Then, it was a fun stop at Simon Electric, in Central Industrial Park, where we saw how switches and electric plugs are made and realized that it’s a lot of work behind every little switch that lights up our homes.

Back at Zacaria’s offices, we made a wish for tomorrow and wrote down what they want to become when they will be all grownup. Some wanted to be veterinary doctors, singers or kings, but we also had some engineers and inventors, so everything looks all right. We buried these dreams in a time capsule, to reopen it years from now and see if they came true.

We, at Zacaria, always build with the future in mind, but we usually build from concrete and bricks. Yesterday, we built with ideas, and play, and fun, we let ourselves be amazed and joyful and it was the best possible way to start a new week!


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