Besides residential projects, Zacaria Group is heavily involved in the development of industrial parks. In these Industrial parks customized industrial spaces can be rented in accordance with the needs of the customer. Surface areas that can be rented range from 500m² to 10,000m², and are suitable for almost every type of business activity, be it logistics, storage and distribution, offices or manufacturing.

As a result of Zacaria Group’s ability to satisfy its customer’s needs, demand for the services that the company provides has increased year on year. In order to cope with this demand Zacaria Group industrial parks can now be found across Romania, with more logistics centre’s joining the portfolio at a steady rate.

SIBIU - Central Industrial Park (154 Stefan cel Mare)

SIBIU - Imperial Industrial Park (Alba Iulia street)

SIBIU - Network Industrial Park (197A Stefan cel Mare)

SIBIU - General Industrial Park (193 Stefan cel Mare)

SIBIU - United Industrial Park (193 Stefan cel Mare)

CRAIOVA - Southern Industrial Park (115 Henry Ford)

ALBA IULIA - Vantage Industrial Park (24 Alexandru Ioan Cuza)

CISNADIE - Hermann Industrial Park (43 Cindrelu)

ORADEA - Western Industrial Park (28B Calea Borsului)

ARAD - Border Industrial Park (7 Ovidiu)

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When Zacaria started its business in 2005, the main objective was to invest in lands located in developing areas with the intention to develop high-quality turnkey residential projects be they Villas or Apartments. These projects would offer residents everything associated with a high standard of living, be it out of city center or within the city in the most sought after areas and close to all amenities. 

Currently Zacaria has four residential projects in development and several others are on the planning stage.

SIBIU - Valletta Valley (18B Islazului) -

SIBIU - Valletta Lane (Eliza, Sura Mica) - 

SIBIU - Valletta Park (soon to be announced)

BUCURESTI - Valleta Residence (146 Gh. Ion. Sisesti) - 

BUCURESTI - Valletta Gardens (soon to be announced)

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