Over 200.000 sqm of industrial spaces developed in the last 15 years. 30.000 sqm of retail spaces developed and currently under construction

Zacaria is part of the international group Alf Mizzi & Sons, founded in Malta in 1915. The company is a real estate developer that offers complete services and specializes in the acquisition, construction, development, and management of industrial properties.

We provide fully furnished spaces, standard or built-to-suit, regardless of the complexity and size of the project. The modules are customized according to the requirements and needs of clients and are available for various activities.

By combining a good understanding of the local market with financial strength and developing expertise, Zacaria offers personalized packages for industrial and office spaces. With a unique approach and unparalleled expertise in the development and management of industrial real estate properties, Zacaria builds projects with a long-lasting impact on the business environment in Romania.

SIBIU - Zacaria Retail Center (Soseaua Alba Iulia, nr. 77A)

CISNADIE - Zacaria Retail Park (str. Cindrelului, nr. 43)

Craiova - Zacaria Retail Plaza (str. Al. Macedonski, nr. 71)

SIBIU - General Industrial Park (str. Stefan cel Mare, nr. 193)

ALBA IULIA - Vantage Industrial Park (str. Alexandru Ioan Cuza, nr. 24)



 Over 500 apartments and villas sold. 480 villas and apartments in development. 110 single villas and duplexes in the planning phase.

In its early years, Zacaria focused on building a portfolio of suitable land for quality residential projects. In 2010, it began the development of the first two residential projects in Sibiu: a complex of 72 apartments and an elegant project with 61 villas, both fully sold.

Subsequently, the company invested in two residential projects in Bucharest, also making the decision to develop a new brand representing the residential division, called Valletta - a name with resonance in the company's history. Towards the end of 2021, we launched the Valletta Park project in Sibiu, and in the middle of 2023, we also launchend our first residential project in Craiova, Valletta Towers.

Our residential projects are built with heart, creativity, and enthusiasm; they are spaces where we would want to live ourselves. We collaborate with top-class teams of architects, builders, and designers to shape the urban landscape with original, harmonious, and functional residential projects that foster communities, dreams, and memories.

CRAIOVA - Valletta Towers (str. Al. Macedonski, nr. 71) -

SIBIU - Valletta Park (Calea Surii Mici) -

BUCURESTI - American Village (Drumul Bisericii 48) -

BUCURESTI - Valleta Residence (Gh. Ion. Sisesti, 146) - 

SIBIU - Valletta Valley (str. Islazului, nr. 18B) -

SIBIU - Valletta Lane (Sura Mica, str. Eliza) - 

“We finish what we start ... we deliver what we promise!”